Cooperative Arin Bushehr

Negin Tejarat Bushehr Parsa Shipping Company



Tabaraki Group was established in 1375 with the support of 27 years of management in shipping and international transportation, which until now has been accompanied by a group of managers and members of the shipping association, by attracting young, specialized and talented forces and with the aim of providing different services compared to other competitors. , creating added value for customers, providing high-quality, fast and competitively priced services, has been able to provide its services in the field of international transportation, including sea, land and air. Tabaraki Group consists of two shipping companies, Nagin Tejarat Bushehr Parsa and Arin Bushehr Cooperative Company, each of which separately provides exclusive services to its customers. Even now, we are pleased that the excellent services and high experience of our management team and expertise have been crystallized in the form of loyal customers in different fields, and this value has led to the increasing demand for the company’s services from customers

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